Live at Maunula Elektronik IV

Experimental electronic festival in Helsinki at April 2022. Festival featured acts from O Samuli A, Ya Tosiba and others. Watch full performance on Youtube.

Live at Päijänteen Ääni III

A yearly event of experimental electronic music at Cafe Päijänne in Helsinki. Event contain acts from modular artists Pekka Pulli to dark electronica of Antinranta.

Live at Pasilan Häiriöklubi

Event from leftfield of the electronic music spectrum. Event launched with brilliant expemental piece by Ilpo Numminen.

Live at Käpylä Avantgarde

A mini festival of experimental music held in Helsinki. Festival featured acts from Ahva, Jukka Kääriäinen and others. Watch full performance on Youtube.

Live at Lovi Ambient Club

Monthly live event dedicated to ambient and experimental music located at Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki.


Jori Larres is Helsinki-based electronic music artist and multi-instrumentalists. In his day job at frog creative agency, Larres is a respected digital designer, Scandinavian design is also strongly present in his music. To balance his creative digital work, Larres' music relies heavily on analog machinery and improvisation. The cinematic soundscapes are born after Larres immersed himself in the secrets of modular synthesizers, experimental rhythms and granular synthesis.

“My music is based on improvisation and experimentation with both composing and sound structuring. My working method is multi-step, the basis for the songs typically start to build at the idea level even before any instrument is involved. The processing typically continues with the melody or synthesis. I record several takes, which, when piled up and arranged, form new ideas that continue to build as a whole. The end result is a layered work that includes randomness and experimentation.” - describes Larres of his creative process.

Jori Larres will next perform at the Maunula Electronic Festival in Helsinki in the spring of 2022. Latest album "Intervals" is published by the Helsinki-based audiovisual art collective Post-Rift.

"Everything is essential, and nothing can be taken away. In other words: Larres has created an album that is reaching perfection.”