Live at Käpylä Avantgarde

A mini festival of experimental music held in Helsinki. Festival featured acts from Ahva, Jukka Kääriäinen and others.

Live at Lovi Ambient Club

Monthly live event dedicated to ambient and experimental music located at Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki.


Latest works of the Finnish composer can described as layered and meticulously composed sound structures of synthetic parallelism, where conceptual Eno encounters meandering soundscapes and polyrhythmic bursts.

Inspiration for the most recent works comes from the idea of mirror worlds and the parallel universes. Visualising parallel concept stories by illustrations, videos or storyboards are important phase of the creative process which leads to thematic approach to composing. With the visualised storylines musical arrangements will have reasoning.

Jori Larres is Finnish artist based in Helsinki. Already started early 1990s with exploring synthesis and electronic music as well other musical explorations with various bands—Dubstitute, Instamatic Futures, Moon Unit and Lost Frequency Movement. Today working heavily with solo pieces and also with new rising indie rock band Small Peaces.

"Tässä on kaikki oleellinen, eikä mitään voi ottaa pois. Toisin sanoen: Larres on luonut täydellisyyttä hipovan albumikokonaisuuden.”